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Celebrity Food

Fame is fleeting...we all get that. And so it is with food as well. Say goodbye  to kale, which had a good, long run and is still kicking it up a bit with the juicing crowd, and say hello to avocados. They are in the spotlight now as a super healthy pick as a heart h…

Brussels Sprouts and Leek Casserole

This fabulous Brussels sprouts and leek casserole is my go to casserole for fall and winter cooking. Sweet tasting and velvety smooth, even Brussels sprouts doubters will love this. Brussels Sprouts and Leek CasseroleServes 6-82 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil2 large l…

East Meets West

Have you tried Thai eggplant? I saw them in an Asian grocery store and they were so cute looking that I had to try them. I usually think of eggplant as an Italian veggie but eggplants are thought to have originated in Asia. The Thai variety, one of the smallest of the spe…

Lettuce Entertain You

Don’t let mother nature get you down with the stubborn cold weather she insists on leaving with us now that spring is officially here. You can get a jump start now on your veggie garden and sow lettuce seeds indoors in grow pots under grow lights. Like magic, they w…

Make Mine Macaroons

Chewy, coconut macaroons go with spring, Easter, Passover and a glass of cold milk! They are a snap to make, a real non-fussy cookie that looks and tastes like a million. And best of all, everyone can enjoy them because they are gluten free! Don’t confuse these with…