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Ciao Italia Family Classics

Ciao Italia Family Classics


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Lentils for Great Winter Eating!

Lentils are part of the cuisine of the landlocked region of Umbria and the most famous are the creamy lentils of Castelluccio, grown on the plains near the Sibillini mountains. This tender pulse retains its shape in cooking and requires no presoaking. Lentils lend a nutty…

Don’t Take Pomegranates for Granted

Pomegranates will not last long; as soon as the holidays are over, they seem to disappear. Stock up and use a juicer to juice them, then freeze the juice for future use. You can also freeze the seeds and use them to make sauces for fish, pork and desserts. High in antioxi…

Under the Italian Sun 2015 Tour

The Veneto with Mary Ann Esposito21 September - 02 October 2015If you think you know Italy, think again! It's not just a country filled with Italians, it's a land filled with people living in regions so distinct, so unique, that it takes a great chef to unearth just the r…

Banana Peppers Stuffed with Farro

Make something lighter and healthier to get off to good start on your New Year's resolution to lose weight. Most of us last a week trying to make good on the promise(s) we make to ourselves as another year rolls around. What is it about sticking to to a pro…

Holiday Pears in Red Wine Sauce

It is so true that we will indulge just a bit this holiday season between the parties and events to celebrate Christmas, New Years, Kwanza, Hannukah and Chinese New Year. Our senses will be assaulted with all kinds of temptations and I am as guilty as the rest. That is wh…