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Turkey Talk

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I am in the kitchen many days before making preparations so the celebration dinner runs as smoothly as possible. Not everyone is a fan of dark meat so on our table, this year, the traditional turkey has given way to a butterflied and s…

Kale and Cauliflower Mash

Besides the vibrant color, this velvety smooth kale and cauliflower mash has a lot going for it. First, it is super good for you containing vitamins and nutrients we all need especially for the winter months ahead. Second, even the most persnickety eaters will embrace it …

Relish This

Pick up any November food magazine and on the cover will surely be the hero of the Thanksgiving table, Tom the turkey, dressed in all hi s finery. There will be all kinds of informative articles in the magazine about how best to cook it and that is fine, but it seems that…

Have You Tried Farrotto?

Risotto is almost a household word on many restaurant menus and that is well and good but why not show your culinary genius and make it with farro, a nutritious grain with a nutty flavor. Farrotto can be the start to a great dinner or it can be dinner itself with a side s…

Falling for Fall

Fall is one of the reasons that I love living in New England. It is my favorite time of year and it goes by much too fast. Nothing but the hand of Divine intervention could splatter such vivid and fantastic foliage colors of red, gold and rust in such sweeping broad stro…