Garden Asleep

ToolsThe Ciao Italia garden has now been officially put to bed for the winter, We cleaned it of all dead plants, and tilled the soil. The very last thing we harvested were the zucca gialla (yelow squash plants) with their ridged green skin that eventually turns yellow and its artisitc looking woody stem. Cut them open and you know where they get their name because the interior is more bright orange than yellow. Italians love these to use in a filling for Tortelli di Zucca Gialla.

If you are a seed saver, dry them in a cool place with a constant temperature, then place them in a jar, label them, and save for next planting season. Want to be sure they are still good? Wet them and place them between two damp sheets of paper towels. Check in a few days to see if they have sprouted. That is the sign that they are good to go! Now its time to face the long winter and dream of next year's garden.


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