Getting Ready to 'Go Green'

The calendar says that spring arrived on the 20th of March but the thermometer outside says otherwise. Cold winds and leftover mounds of dirty snow suggest that the icy grip of winter is still hanging on.

I am anxious to get in our garden again so I bundled up and took a walk up the hill to see what, if anything, was happening. The ground is starting to warm up but there is no hint that anything is happening underground. Usually I can spot some leftover radicchio or parsley plants but the only thing that gives me hope are the strawberry plants we put in last year. They look like they want to shed their winter look with new green leaves that are beginning to sprout.

This year I am going to go “green “ more than I have in the past. I am paying particular attention to what I put in my compost bin. I am also not using any pesticides but relying on mother nature and prayers to help protect my plants. I am using organic fertilizers and I am recycling plant containers. If we all do just a little something to help our environment, the result can be so beneficial for everyone.


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