Pesto Please!

BasilI have a forest of fragrant basil plants right now and only so much can go into the freezer, into soups, salads, sauces and on sandwiches. There is nothing like fresh Pesto Sauce at the height of the summer; try it on your next pasta dish.

Don't forget to get creative; try mixing basil leaves with parsley and arugola for a spicy mixed pesto; use walnuts instead of pine nuts; try pecorino cheese instead of Parmigiano Reggiano.

And pesto is great as a topping for fish, chicken or pork chops on the grill. Put a dab of pesto on thick slices of grilled beefsteak tomatoes.

Pass the pesto, please!


  1. Florence Faello Martinez's avatar

    Florence Faello Martinez

    I made your Pesto recipe and I love it.. My only problem is growing the BASIL! I buy the plant at the supermarket but it always dies on me.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Zizi Flo

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