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An Unusual Tomato

Green Zebra tomatoSometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. That's how I felt this summer when it came to growing tomatoes. I know that when the weather warms up, I start to crave plump, round, juicy, fire engine red tomatoes. You probably do, too. That’s a tomato.

But this year I went out on a vine  and planted a variety of salad tomato called Green Zebra. They were ripe for the picking when they turned a nice lime green color with yellow striped lines (that’s the zebra part).

To tell you the truth, I did not know what to expect when I plucked the first one. I sliced it into thick rounds, toasted some great sourdough bread and made the best summer tomato sandwich! It was divine, even though it was green. Then I wedged some fresh mozzarella between two slices, lightly coated both sides in cornmeal and fried it in a little olive oil until the cheese was oozing and the tomatoes had a bit of a crusty top. Another winner. It just goes to prove that you cannot judge a tomato by its color.

Fried Green Zebra tomato


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    I just love Green Zebra tomatoes, and I am glad you have made their acquaintance. Funny isn't it when a "green" tomato taste like a red one. They are so unique in appearance, and make a most striking addition to any antipasto platter. There are so many lovely and tasty ones these days. It is rather like the Garden of Eden right in one's own backyard.

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