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Grate Zucchini

What do you do when your zucchini takes over the garden and you find yourself with baseball size ones? Grate them and freeze for winter use. They are perfect for scrambled eggs, frittata, quiches, stuffed into vegetables, as quick sauce for pasta and for zucchini fritters. And perfect in that zucchini chocolate cake that is so moist and don't forget to put them in your muffin and pancake batter. Grate the zucchini on a stand cheer grater then wrap in lots of paper towels to dry them; rewrap in cupfuls in paper towels and place in plastic bag and freeze.


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    Hi I use the grated zucchini in with my scrambled eggs. I put some grated zucchini in a little frying pan with olive oil and sautéed for a minute or so then add eggs and sprinkle parmesan cheese and lots of basil. it is so good.

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