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King Cucumber

Cucumbers. I have a LOT of them and I love the great fresh crunch that only a cucumber from the garden can give. This versatile vegetable is low in calories so eat up plus they can be used for non culinary purposes as well like taking down swelling on puffy eyes. So if you have an abundance of cukes, here are ten ways to use them.

10 Ways to Use Garden Cucumbers

1) Make a salsa out of them with vidalia onions, celery, dill, salt, pepper, sweet green peppers, oil and vinegar
2) Make a cold cucumber soup
3) Saute them with shrimp for a stir fry
4) Make a morning smoothie with yogurt and banana
5) Make a cucumber sandwich
6) Stuff them with your favorite tuna, egg or chicken salad
7) Make pickles
8) Make a tempura batter and fry them
9) Squeeze them for cucumber juice
10) Add it to your favorite dip


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