My 10 Favorite Garden Tools

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Maintaining a home garden and growing your own food is exceptionally rewarding, not to mention delicious. That said, as the old adage goes, you're only as good as your tools. That's why I put together this list of my 10 favorite garden tools so you can get your home garden up an growing as quickly, easily, and fruitfully as possible!

1. Watering can

2. Wheelbarrow

3. Knee Pads

4. Hand Trowel

5. Weeder

6. Rake

7. Shovel

8. Hose

9. Pruning Shears

10. Scissors

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tamara schmidt's avatar

tamara schmidt said on May 02, 2014

i like my hand rototiller ,hand towel, shovel, gardenlopers weeder, hand pruners, hose, bucket,
Barbara Bolez's avatar

Barbara Bolez said on May 02, 2014

Love your show but have to tell you that for garden tools try the Fiskar garden knife (available at walmart $7.99) I can't imagine being without one now. It replaces so many tools! Very Handy! I have a fair size organic veg garden, roses , fruit trees and a lot of flowers. Love gardening almost as much as cooking the produce and Italian food. Another tip is that there are a lot of Italian imported seeds available at "Christmas Tree Shops" always 50% off! A lot of varieties I've never seen available anywhere else too and as you say 'are very reliable'
Again thanks for a wonderful show and keep up the great food!
David Therrien's avatar

David Therrien said on May 03, 2014

I love your show and the recipes. For sure I am a frustrated cook. I host sunday dinner for our three girls and their families. When they are all here, it's quite a crowd.
Garden season in NH gets planted around Memorial Day, and I can't wait. I have my tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in peatpots ready for the planting. This year we bought a portable green house. It's just big enough to hold my plants.
Barbara DeCecco Tarris's avatar

Barbara DeCecco Tarris said on May 03, 2014

Love your show, any Italian would. Keep on the gloves is my advise to myself, I start out gardening that way and for some reason they are off and my hands are a wreck not to mention my back. But I love it. Gardening, cooking, & even cleaning. The weather here in Oregon is so nice now but I know as soon as I plant my tomatoes we could still get a frost.