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Something’s Fishy

A recent article in the New York Times makes me think that I am a fish out of water when it comes to buying fresh fish. It seems that according to a recent report by Oceana, a ocean conservation group, 1 in 5 seafood samples of fish is fake, meaning mislabeled. Much of the study was focused on grocery stores where over 50% of the fish was mislabeled. 

That makes the hairs on my arms stand up because there are certain fish that I never buy like tilefish that is passed off as halibut or red snapper.

However the article is most disturbing in that the consumer trusts the fish department to sell what they advertise as being the real thing. How can we be sure that what we see is what we are paying for? Sure the law says that the fish must be labeled as to where it comes from and if it is fresh or previously frozen. But the article makes me think that someone is off the hook overseeing these laws. 

Get your fish as locally as you can and buy it from independent fisherman if possible and I know that is hard for a lot of people. Ask a lot of questions before purchase. It is so sad to see what is happening in the fish and seafood industry and it is up to us to change it.

Read the full article here. 



  1. Linda R's avatar

    Linda R

    You are so right. It's so important to know where your food comes from. The FDA has now allowed genetically modified salmon to be sold without labeling it as such. Many large stores such as Costco have already stated they will not sell this. We, as consumers have a right to know where our food comes from.

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