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When Life Hands You Meyer Lemons…Preserve Them!

When Meyer lemons appear in the markets, it is like Christmas. Available only for a short season in the winter, this cross between a lemon and an orange is sweet and full of juice with a soft skin. Smaller than regular lemons and more expensive too, their flavor cannot be beat. Use the juice as you would for regular lemons. To preserve them for future use, I salt them and refrigerate them. They last a long time and are perfect with chicken, fish, vegetables and in rice and pasta dishes.

Preserved Meyer Lemons in Salt

Clean sterilized jars and caps

Washed Meyer lemons

Coarse salt

Cut each lemon into quarters but keep attached to the base. Open the lemons and sprinkle generously with coarse sea salt.

Place lemons snuggly into jars in layers and salt each layer. Press down with wooden spoon to compact the lemons. Cover top with salt and cap and refrigerate. Shake the jar every so often as lemons begin to exude their juice.

Keep refrigerated. To use, take what you need, rinse off the salt and use in recipes.


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    I love meyer lemons and keep a jar of preserved lemons on hand at at all times! After they have cured in the salty brine, I pour out the juice and fill the jar with olive oil. I just leave them on the counter (no refrigeration) for when the mood strikes. They are so good sprinkled over a ceasar salad or mixed into a pea dip. Love them! thanks for the great post

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