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Timballo di Rise Rice Tart

I love all rice dishes, especially those classic ones made with Arborio rice, the same rice used to make risotto but in this recipe, no constant stirring is necessary!Timballo di Rise Rice TartServes 6 to 8 2 tablespoons melted butter¼ cup breadcrumbs3 tablespoons o…

A Cook’s Five Top Herbs

If you are as serious a cook as you are a vegetable gardener, then you know that the true flavors of just harvested vegetables can get even more palate power from fresh herbs. So can lots of other foods you cook. So forget the salt shaker to liven up your cooking and plan…

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Ciao Italia Pronto: Asparagus with Sesame Seeds

Oh boy! It’s asparagus season and now is the time to take advantage of this elegant vegetable. Whether you like fat or thin spears, try coating them in sesame seeds and oven roast them. They are delicious and the sesame seeds give them an extra exotic crunch and tex…

Welcome Spring with Rhubarb

A rhubarb galette to welcome spring? Why not. A galette is a free form open pie that can be savory or sweet and contain anything from spinach and eggs to mixed berries. Rhubarb is my go to ingredient for this sweet confection that is perfect with a cup of tea to welcome s…

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Easter Cauliflower Salad

Just in time for Easter, cauliflower in brilliant colors, is a perfect choice for a holiday salad. So why not make one, Sicilian style.  Easter Cauliflower Salad Serves 6 1 small head of yellow, white or purple caulflower, leaves and core discarded and cauliflower …

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Rabbit Food

Get a hop on Easter and make some delicious tasting child and adult friendly Easter Bunny sugar cookies. These can be made ahead and frozen well wrapped. Easter Bunny Sugar CookiesMakes 2 to 3 dozen depending on size of cutters 1 stick butter
1 egg
¾ cu…

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Polpette di Pesce - Fish Cakes

My mother was a firm believer in fish, serving it too often for my taste. That was one reason why I dreaded the season of Lent, a time when every Friday meant some sort of fish would be on my plate when all I really wanted was a hamburger and French fries! And as if that …

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Fast and Flavorful Frittata

Here is a fast, simple and protein loaded Lenten supper. A vegetable frittata made with 6 beaten eggs, 1 cup Half/Half, 1 cup diced cooked kale or frozen spinach, thawed and well squeezed, 1 medium potato, microwaved, cooled and diced, 1 cup your favorite cheese, grated a…

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Got REAL Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese?

You may be aware of the recent internet articles regarding the fraudulent sales of grated “parmesan cheese.” The FDA is investigating a criminal case against Castle Cheese, an industry supplier to many large supermarket chains, for selling grated “parmes…


Super Super Bowl Sunday Calzones

A sub is just a sub for Super Bowl Sunday and even though I know absolutely nothing about football, I get into the spirit of this All-American game by making my family football fans their favorite game food, calzones! Calzones are a lot easier to eat while cheering on the…

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