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It's always nice to tip our hat to other bloggers out there who give a shout out to Mary Ann and Ciao Italia.  Here are a few recent posts worth checking out:

Fear Ye No Carb.  Natalie from Nashville runs this site and she posted a recipe for a Vegetable Casserole (Tortiere di Verdure al Forno) that was inspired by a recipe she got from Mary Ann. 

Mixed Salad Annie.  Annie is back again and she's still making amazing sponge cakes adapted from a Mary Ann original.  This time she's featuring a Blueberry Orange Sponge Cake. Delish!

Andy's Diner.  Andy, whose family is from the province of Molise, wanted to make an authentic dish from that region.  So where did he turn for such a recipe?  Ciao Italia of course!


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