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Go Fig(ure)

Fig_tree I decided to try my luck at growing figs a few years ago when a good friend gave me a small cutting from his own fig tree. The thought of having my own supply of sweet-as-sugar figs was so exciting!

I planted the cutting in a small container and hoped for the best. I prepared to take it indoors when cold weather came, to wrap it in black plastic while it was dormant for the winter, and to avoid watering it at all costs.

That worked, and in the following spring, at the great unveiling, green shoots were sprouting!

I repotted the tree into a larger container, and moved it outside into a bright, sunny location. It seemed to like its new home. Through the years I have followed this ritual, and over time, in September, the tree would yield a small handful of ripe figs.

But this year, the tree is enormous with figs galore. The only problem is that none of them are ripe, nor will they be in time for me to harvest them before i have to bring the tree indoors again for its winter nap.

Even though I water the tree faithfully, the fruit is small and hard. Every book and blog I consulted reaffirmed that I did everything right from the get-go.
I will simply admire those hard, little figs from afar, and think of what might have been. Go figure.

Do you have a fig tree? Any tips?


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