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It is getting to that time of the year when I take stock of what’s really been in and what definitely must go out. You know, those defining statements that appear at year’s end in fashionista magazines and newspaper articles like they were the best guideline of our lives since the Ten Commandments.

Well, this year, I am well ahead of the pack because I have come up with my own list from the culinary world. So here is what’s in and out.

What’s on your list?

7 Grain CerealSugar Coated Cereals
Macaroni and CheeseCanned Ravioli
Wet Sea SaltsDry Sea Salts
Pink PeppercornsGreen Peppercorns
Unsalted ButterSalted Butter
Extra Virgin Olive OilVegetable Shortening
Dry RubsBrines
Grilled FishFish N’Chips
ChiliBeef Stew
EscaroleIceberg Lettuce
HoneyBrown Sugar
Green TeaVitamin Water


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