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It's Time To Bake The Cookies

Cookies This weekend begins the fall foliage trek for many leaf peepers. They will pay a pretty penny,traveling by the busload to New England to marvel at what nature can do. Since I live in New England, I can enjoy the riotous display of color for free!

But, besides the foliage, Columbus Day is also upon us, when we honor the great Genovese explorer for discovering America. I know it is a touchy subject with many who think Columbus was less of a hero and more of a tyrant. I will leave that for the historians to debate.

In my household, Columbus Day marks the beginning of the holiday baking season. In other words, it is time to bake Christmas cookies!

My mother always started baking on Columbus Day, and it has rubbed off on me. Starting now and continuing well into December, I will be filling my freezer with all kinds of Christmas cookies from dainty pizzelle to sturdy biscotti.

I usually make one or two kinds each week so by the time December arrives, my freezer is chocked full of cookies that we will enjoy and also give away to neighbors and friends. It's a nice touch to give something homemade. Besides, while others who procrastinate will be scrambling to bake cookies into the wee hours of Christmas Eve, those who start now can just sit back and let December be the most wonderful time of the year.


  1. Roselyn Simchick's avatar

    Roselyn Simchick

    Will you tell me what cookies keep the best and which ones to bake first? I don't have much room in my freezer and will keep them cool in the basemenmt in cans

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