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Simple ideas for splendid antipasti (Louisville Courier-Journal)

(Louisville Courier-Journal)  The Louisville Courier-Journal features Mary Ann's tips for adding some flair to your anti-pasti.

Many pasta-bilities (Columbus Dispatch)

(Columbus Dispatch)  Low-carb diets are dead, and in their wake is an array of new pastas: whole-wheat, multigrain and white whole-wheat.Modern cooks need to know not only which sauces pair with which shapes but which sauces go best with the flavors and textures of …

Potent Pasta: Shoppers turn to healthy whole grains in pasta (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

(Cleveland Plain Dealer)  How can you make the most out of whole grain pasta?  This article looks at the “alternative” pasta trend and recommends several different tips for how to prepare it and serve it.  One of Mary Ann’s recipes from Ciao Italia…

Parmigiano Reggiano Is More Than 'Grate' Cheese (Imperial Valley News)

(Imperial Valley News)  Mary Ann Esposito, star of the popular Italian cooking show ‘Ciao Italia!’ on PBS, never ceases to be amazed at how many people don't know about real parmesan cheese. ‘I tell them that the stuff in the green shaker box is not what they thi…

Cooks in print: Best new food books (New York Daily News)

(New York Daily News)  The New York Daily News declares Mary Ann’s Ciao Italia Slow and Easy one of the best new food books of 2007. 

'Art of the casserole' is revealed in Mary Ann Esposito's latest cookbook (Staten Island Advance)

(Staten Island Advance)  Check out the Staten Island Advance’s review of Ciao Italia Slow and Easy.  It’s full of “bubbly hot and creamy, or melt-in-your-mouth goodness.”

Simple ideas for splendid antipasti (Detroit Free Press)

(Detroit Free Press)  It's time to get beyond marinated olives and stacks of salami slices.  Offering a robust selection of antipasti can be a simple and elegant way to entertain during the holidays. But for it to work, never mind satisfy your guests, you'…

Show by Show Description of 1700 series of Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito

Program #1701Pizza per Salute - Healthy PizzaWho doesn’t love pizza? Mary Ann travels to the Portsmouth Flatbread Company, in Portsmouth NH, to help create its signature pizza, “Punctuated Equilibrium.” Then she goes nella cucina (in the kitchen) to create a healthy, w…


Fairmont Copley to Feature Mary Ann Esposito at 13th Annual Celebrity Chef Series (Feb 16)

Durham, NH - Mary Ann Esposito will be the featured celebrity chef on the closing afternoon of Fairmont Copley Plaza’s 13th annual Celebrity Chefs Culinary Program.Fans of Ciao Italia in the Boston region can sign up for the class with Mary Ann by visiting the Bosto…

Catch up with Mary Ann at the Rhode Island Flower Show (Feb 22-23)

Durham, NH - On February 23, 2008 at 11:00 am EST, Mary Ann Esposito will appear at the Rhode Island Spring Flower & Garden Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center to offer tips and advice on how to use your garden to provide home grown, fresh ingredients…

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