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Ciabatta Salami and Parmigiano Cheese Sandwich



My favorite Italian sandwich is very simple. I make small ciabatta, using Carol Field's recipe from her book THE ITALIAN BAKER, panini size.

Split and drizzle Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil, the fruitier, the better, over each piece of ciabatta.

Slice good quality hard imported salami as thinly as possible. Place the salami in overlapping rows on the dread. Drizzle just a bit of oil on top of the salami.

Top the salami with thin slices of Parmigiano cheese. Use a cheese slicer to produce thin slices; do not use grated cheese.

Drizzle a bit more oil on top of the cheese. Enjoy immediately.

Note: You can also add marinated chopped olives, tapenade, etc., but I like the simple version best. You can also make a big sandwich and slice it into individual pieces.

Note: Use ciabatta. It is a thin bread, but chock full of flavor. Focaccia is too bready for this sandwich.


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