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Ricotta Gnocchi

Mary Ann Esposito

item recipe is featured in Episode 2221 of Season 22.

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  1. Ellie Davies's avatar

    Ellie Davies

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    I have tried your ricotta gnocchi and they are my favorite. Very, very light and taste.
  2. Diane DiPetrillo's avatar

    Diane DiPetrillo

    | Permalink
    Recipe for ricotta Gnocchi is not available on the website even though it says it is. How can I get it?
  3. Joann @ The Italian Next Door's avatar

    Joann @ The Italian Next Door

    | Permalink
    I watched the videos of the ricotta gnocchi and the gnocchi with the broccoli rabe and white beans, but the recipes aren't coming up for me to print. Please help. Love your programs MaryAnn !!
  4. Barbara Picarello's avatar

    Barbara Picarello

    | Permalink
    I would like your recipe for Ricotta Gnocchi. Thank you
  5. Marie's avatar


    | Permalink
    Need receipe for ricotta gnochi PLEASE!!!!
  6. tony pace's avatar

    tony pace

    | Permalink

    She wants you to buy the book to get the recipes.
  7. annie's avatar


    | Permalink
    every time i try to get the ricotta gnocchi recipe from nebo restaurant:
    Season 22: Episode 2221 (4:17): all i get is video and comment page. Liked your old format. easier to find recipes.

    Please forward this episode's recipe for ricotta gnocchi from Nebo Restaurant in NOrth End Boston.

    Thank you!

    Best show always -- viewer from the beginning
  8. Cenzina's avatar


    | Permalink
    When you click on the video, watch & listen like I did with my Zizi, it is such a simple recipe of equal amounts of ricotta and flour, it really doesn't take a gourmet chef to figure it out...come on people...there are no secrets here!
  9. Connie brancaccio's avatar

    Connie brancaccio

    | Permalink
    I just made ricotta gnocchi they came out great. But i have a lot left over, can i freeze the uncooked gnocchi? thank you for the recipe.
  10. Tutts's avatar


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    Gnocchi recipe:

    equal parts flour and ricotta. Mix into a dough.

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