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Tuna and Eggs

Serves 4


4 hard boiled eggs, cut in half horizontally

2 ounces tuna in olive oil

1 teaspoon capers

2 ounces mascarpone cheese



Pastry bag with a large star tip

Chopped parsley for garnish



Remove the yolks, place them in a food processor bowl and add the tuna, capers and cheese. Puree the mixture; add salt and pepper.

Put the mixture in the pastry bag and pipe onto the egg whites. Decorate with capers and a little parsley.

This recipe is featured on show 2321 - Little Cheese Plates.


  1. Joyce Murray's avatar

    Joyce Murray

    Mary Ann,

    I watched the video and tried, without success, to get the recipe. What is the magic trick to pull the recipe forth?

  2. marion reisz's avatar

    marion reisz

    it would help to have a way to email these recipes to ones self - right now you can only use Facebook which i do not like to do. thank you. your recipes are marvelous
  3. Kathy Perez's avatar

    Kathy Perez

    Made these and love them!!!

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