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Red Lentil Salad

Mary Ann Esposito

Lentils are as tasty cool as they are warm, and are therefore a perfect bet in a pasta salad. In this case with tuna, and they're red, which adds a pretty color contrast to the dish.

Serves 4 to 6


1/2 pound whole wheat penne
1 cup drained cooked red lentils
8 ounces tuna packed in oil, drained and crumbled
2 carrots
10 cherry tomatoes, quartered
1 rib of celery, diced
1/2 cup Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil
1 small bunch parsley, chopped
2 tablespoons capers in salt, rinsed well
Salt and pepper to taste


Peel the carrots and boil them until soft; let them cool and dice them.

In the meantime bring pasta water to a boil, salt it and cook the pasta until it is al dente.  Drain and transfer it to a bowl, and combine it with the remaining ingredients, seasoning it to taste with the salt and pepper.

Chill the pasta salad for a half hour in the fridge and it's ready, though it will improve if chilled for a few hours more.

This recipe is featured on show 2405 - Eat Legumes.

item recipe is featured in Episode 2405 of Season 24.

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    Omit the tuna & this is a vegetarian's dream come true! Everything was from my garden. Yes, you can grow celery in the back yard!!!!!

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