Thanksgiving ✔️

November 12, 2021

As soon as November rolls around, many of us are in that get-ready-for-the-holidays kind of mindset. Halloween is a memory and Thanksgiving and Christmas are closing in. Over the years I have learned to manage these holidays, easing into the work of pulling them off without getting myself into a jam so I make a to do ahead checklist, including:

1) Plan the menu two weeks in advance; keep it simple with uncomplicated recipes. Everyone already knows you can cook!

2) Make a list of ingredients and purchase non-perishables ahead like canned goods, frozen items, wines, beverages and baking items.

3) Use your crockpot or slow cooker for cooking and serving vegetable side dishes, soup, rice or pasta. This will keep the food warm and allow for guests to serve themselves

4) Make cranberry sauce, salad dressing 1 week ahead and refrigerate

5) Order the turkey 2 weeks ahead

6) Make pie dough two days ahead and line pie plate; make filling and refrigerate. Fill shell early Thanksgiving morning and bake.

7) Set the table the day before

8) Have guests bring a side dish or dessert

9) Prep the vegetables a day ahead

10 Use your grill to cook the turkey and free up oven space for casseroles

11) Serve the meal buffet style

12) Make the stuffing 2 days ahead and refrigerate

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