Guy's Garden

For as long as I have been married, my husband, Gaetano (Guy)has had his hands in dirt, coaxing a plant or two to grow. Over the years, a plant or two has grown to over 100 different plants in the Ciao Italia garden. In this garden library of How To’s, Guy takes you into the world of vegetable gardening and shows you his tips and tricks learned over the years.


An introduction to gardening

Gardening from Seeds

Choosing and Buying Seeds

Seedling Start Materials

Planting Seeds Indoors

Transplating Seedlings

Garden Tools

Making a Cold Frame

Basic Garden Tools

Hand Tools for the Garden

Garden Soil

Making Good Garden Soil

Preparing Garden Soil

Garden Layout

Laying out the Garden

Maximizing Garden Space

Planting Tips

Radishes and Lettuce

Planting Tomatoes

Good Tomato Bad Tomato

Panting Squash 

Planting Strawberries 

Garden Care and Maintenance 

Watering Your Garden

Controlling Weeds

Insect Control

Controlling Critters


Making a Compost Bin


More Ways to Garden

Container Planting

Patio Vegetable Gardening




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