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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

“The Vegetable Garden Doctor” is a series of web videos that will help you become a successful first-time gardener and a better experienced gardener, too. Episode four deals with making a cold frame that will allow you to dramatically extend your growing season.

As Guy says, “Everybody in the Northeast who wants to maximize garden growing time should have a cold frame. Using two simple and inexpensive cold frame types, I am able to start my plants a few weeks earlier and keep them growing a few weeks later. This means that I am eating fresh garden lettuce and other vegetables from May to December – nine months a year. You can do this in your garden as well by using one of these inexpensive and easy to make versions of a cold frame.”

So grab your seeds – and your peace of mind and watch the latest webisode!

Missed a webisode? Here are links to the first two:

Webisode 1

Webisode 2

There’s much more to gardening than a hoe and shovel. Stay tuned to my blog for new episodes of “The Vegetable Garden Doctor.”


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    Good morning Guy. I have enjoyed your Webisodes. I have been thinking of doing these myself but still have unanswered questions. I would enjoy an opportunity to speak with you if possible about how you are going about it. I hope you will be able to share just a few minutes with me. I am also in the North East. Thank you.

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