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Dried Oregano Is the Way to Go

Oregano is one of those few herbs that has a better flavor when dried so I always buy it when I am in Italy or in Italian specialty stores here. It is usually sold in bunches still on the stem and wrapped in cellophane. It has great flavor and I add it to soups, sauces and stuffings. Don't settle for the store variety sold in little jars if you can avoid it because it really lacks flavor. Go for the bag instead.


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    Ann Marie

    I grow oregano in my herb garden and then dry it throughout the summer, so that I have enough to use throughout the winter months.
    It is very easy to grow, but watch out - it is quite invasive - just like mint - but if you keep it under control there is nothing like it.
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    I've bought dried oregano stem, such as these, as i do other herbs. But how do you store them, after using just a bit? Much to my dismay, so many times they wind up in the trash.

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