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Fourth of July and Cherry Pie

Next to Christmas, Independence Day is my favorite holiday. It’s not so much about the cookouts, parades or fireworks; it's that today is a once-a-year national reminder that being an American is a precious gift. Too often we take it for granted.

Of course, it is nice to share that pride with family and friends on a day filled with all things Americana from hot dogs with all the trimmings to Frisbees sailing effortlessly through the air.

It’s a great time for family reunions too -- another rite of summer. A chance to catch up with each other in person instead of virtually. Will we run out of things to say? I think not. Not today.

I like the share-the-cookout model for the 4th, so that everyone can bring a favorite dish. Baked beans, watermelon and deviled eggs are standbys along with hot dogs and hamburgers. I bring the pie… cherry pie, a plump beauty in a flaky crust decorated with pie dough stars. It’s best with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream while watching the fireworks overhead. So very American. As it should be.


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