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Frutti di mare

You have to be like Sherlock Holmes these days to find wild caught fish and shellfish. I was really in need of a good frutti di mare and went in search of finding WILD seafood for my salad. I got lucky because wild squid are in season and I found wild USA sea scallops so I got some of those too and then the big surprise was finding wild caught USA shrimp. I scarfed them up in a hurry. Next I purchased Meyer lemons, also in season and if you have not tried them,you must. These sweet lemons are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin and are much juicer than regular lemons. I bought parsley, oil cured olives, capers and sweet red peppers. 

I got to work at home and made a marinade with those lemons, the parsley, capers, red peppers, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. I cooked each type of fish and seafood separately very slowly in water and lemon juice so it would remain tender. I drained everything and add it to the marinade and tossed it well. Then I let it all marinate for hours; even better overnight. Crusty bread and a salad completed the meal. I was wild about it.


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