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Lombardy & Liguria with Mary Ann Esposito

Update 1/30/2012: This trip is sold out!

Lombardy & Liguria with Mary Ann Esposito
including Lake Como, Portofino & the Cinque Terre
19-30 September 2012

Stretching from the Alps in the north through dramatic Lake Como to the fertile Po valley in the south, the region of Lombardy offers a wonderful culinary diversity. Historically separated from each other, the cuisine of each city and province is different and unique, with its own recipes and traditions. Just to the south, the scenic region of Liguria is home to the Italian Riviera, including famous destinations like Portofino and the Cinque Terre, and is well-known for its authentic, fresh and excellent local cuisine.

What better way to discover the delicious cooking of Lombardy and Liguria than with Mary Ann Esposito, host of the longest running cooking show on public television, Ciao Italia, now entering its twenty-third season. Mary Ann will travel with the group throughout the entire tour and conduct two hands-on cooking lessons in which she'll help you to prepare her favorite regional recipes. Her husband, wine expert Guy Esposito, will also provide an ongoing course on the wines of Lombardy and Liguria throughout the tour.



  1. Cynthia's avatar


    I would like to take a trip to Italy with Ms. Esposito. I met her at an authors' event in Haverhill, MA. When is the next trip?
  2. Mary Ann Esposito's avatar

    Mary Ann Esposito

    The trip to Lombardy and Liguria for this fall, Sept 19-30, 2012 is sold out. The best thing to do is get on the mailing list for information for next year's trip. Email
  3. Paulo's avatar


    What is the price for the trips to Italia?
  4. Melodie Jordan's avatar

    Melodie Jordan

    I would like to find out more about upcomming trips with Maryann. Could you please add me to the mailing list.

  5. Sandra Behlen's avatar

    Sandra Behlen

    Please send me information on next years trip:)
    Or if some one cancels for this year. Thanks so much.
    Sounds exciting! Sandra
  6. Sarah Russell's avatar

    Sarah Russell

    Please add me to the mailing list for information regarding trips to Italy with Mrs. Esposito.

    Thank you
  7. Pauline Murano's avatar

    Pauline Murano

    Please advise of future trips to Italy with Maryann Esposito

    Thank you

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