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Meatball Magic

Making meatballs is a very personal thing; there are so many options.

Here are some tips for making them: size matters. I make them small, golf ball size instead of giant baseball size. They cook faster, making them more tender. They hold their shape better too. I use a ratio of 1/3 ground chuck/pork and veal for best flavor. If you do not have veal, use a half and half ratio. I never use dried herbs; fresh is always best and parsley is the one I use most. Fresh bread crumbs, not store bought, soaked in a little milk before adding them to the meat mixture helps to keep the meat moist. Form the meatballs with wet hands to keep the meat from sticking to them and I bake instead of fry them.

Be aware that in Italy meatballs are either a second course or are part of some type of casserole like a timballo. There is no such thing as spaghetti and meatballs served as a dish in Italy.  This is an Italian American invention, albeit a very tasty one.


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