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More Praise for Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Adventures in Italy

Mary Ann Esposito's new book, Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Food Adventures In Italy, will be released on November 1st, and it's already receiving rave reviews!

Booklist says, "Is there room on the shelves for another Italian cookbook? If Esposito’s phenomenal output (this is her thirteenth cookbook), her ongoing PBS Show (also called Ciao Italia), and her knowledge of the region alone don't convince, then 160 new and familiar recipes will.

“Recipe directions tend not to run longer than one page; the emphasis is on simplicity, streamlining, and reinventing the classics. Tuna-stuffed celery gets one half-page. Eggplant parmesan is deconstructed, as is cannoli. Tiramisu is adorned with cherries—and its traditional chocolate. Zucchini, that overgrown bane of vegetable gardens, is repositioned in meatballs and quick-bake fig bread. Updating dishes from fish stew to risotto, she proves that varietyreally is the spice of life.”

You can pre-order your copy of Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Adventures in Italy here 


  1. Jim Villella's avatar

    Jim Villella

    Big fan of this amazing Italian American. My pbs station no longer carries the show which I miss . Mary Anne is the best TV chef ever. She knows how to make the elegant simple and vice versa. Ciao
  2. Ann Marie's avatar

    Ann Marie

    My book has been on order since notice came out about pre-ordering and I can't wait to receive it. I just LOVE MaryAnn's shows (even the older episodes) and her recipes bring back so many childhood memories for me.

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