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Not Your Ordinary Cannoli

I had an epiphany at the Caseificio Cucchiara near the town of Salemi, Sicily. Etched in my mind and on my tastebuds are the fabulous cannoli made there with sheep’s milk ricotta and the flakiest shells that I have ever eaten; they shattered as I bit into them and that is a very good thing. Cannoli are the reigning sweets of all Sicilian pastries and many of us think that we have eaten the best here at home but would I shock you if I said that most cannoli sold in pastry shops across the US do not even come close to the real thing. The shells are too thick, too dark and often filled with synthetic cream pastry or worse. As soon as I indulged in that sweet confection, I made my way to the cheesemaker’s kitchen to ask about the dough for the shells. It was just as I thought and the recipe for that dough has been on our web site for a long time. Accept no substitues! The recipe is here  


  1. Gloria Gannon's avatar

    Gloria Gannon

    What went into the filling besides the ricotta?
  2. Susan Shilo's avatar

    Susan Shilo

    Have you made the cannoli shells from that recipe? I love the shells when they crumble as you bite them, but most commercial shells are too thick. By the way, I,love you shows and look forward to the new season!
  3. Deborah's avatar


    Yummmmmmm...please tell me where I can find your recipe Mary Ann 😋❤
  4. rje's avatar


    For Gloria Gannon and Deborah:
    Directly above the photo, the last sentence is "The recipe is here." Click on that link. In other words, click on the word "here" right above the photo of the finished cannoli.
  5. annnie's avatar


    My wonderful Siciian grandmother made cannoli and I have never been able to duplicate her recipe. I want to save yours on Pinterest, but it refuses to accept it. Can you tell me why?
  6. Lillian's avatar


    can't find your cannoli shell recipe
  7. Frank's avatar


    We thought we had the best cannoli near us but, although good, they do not compare to what we had in Sicily.
    In Messina they were made to order, not sitting in a case, the shop filled them while you waited. Fantastic!
    In Palermo they were pre made but topped with a slice of candied lemon rind, so simple yet so elegant. I hope this recipe helps me recapture those moments!
  8. lili's avatar


    Ciao...bella tanti GRACIE.....AMORE...

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