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Our Brand New Season!

Ciao, amici, it’s time to say hello to spring, and with it, the 21st season of Ciao Italia, coming your way on your local PBS station starting in May.
This year the Ciao Italia film crew travels to the beautiful, rolling hills of Tuscany, where we explore the unforgettable food and wines of one of Italy's most famous regions, plus its many famous landmarks, like the Duomo in Florence and the "wine city" of Montalcino.
Back home in the United States, we keep the celebration going by attending a glorious Italian street festival in Boston, raise and harvest a bumper crop of veggies in Guy's Garden, cook with a great group of culinary students at Johnson and Wales University, and have some fantastic guest chefs in my television kitchen, making everything from tuna to lasagna, pizza to frittatas, and everything in between, including soups, stews, pasta, salads and unforgettable desserts.
To give you a taste of what's coming your way this season, here's a video sneak preview.

Here’s to spring and here’s to Ciao Italia.


  1. Thom's avatar


    Thanks for the 2011 preview, it's more of the type of the cooking I like to do for my family. I'll never get to Tuscany other than by cable tv, so I appreciate you bring it to us. Enjoyed seeing Jean Delios and husband on your show, she was a colleague of mine before I retired.

    Question: I don't see the Italians canning the harvest. Why is this? Be well in 2011.
  2. Cathy Nassr's avatar

    Cathy Nassr

    Hi! Looking for the recipe that you posted from a recent contest winner - Roasted Vegetable and Pesto Lasagna. Would like to make this for Easter! Please reprint if you can! Thanks!
  3. Aaron's avatar


    Hi Cathy,

    The recipes are in a new blog post:

  4. Marian's avatar


    Yeah! I love your recipes and never miss a show.

    When you go to Italy, could you please find a (Christmas) Almond wafer type recipe. It is made with a flat iron where a spoonful of batter is placed between 2 hot irons (as in paizzelle) (It originated in an Italian city and the picture of the city is ingraved into both sides of the iron.) There is an almond filling that is placed between two of these wafers or cookies. The wafers measure about 7 inches in diameter. I have heard them called "Chum.
  5. lucille's avatar


    What can I say "YOUR THE BEST"
  6. Juanita Villa's avatar

    Juanita Villa

    Watched show yesterday where Mary Ann made a spaghetti with mini meatballs & mazorella covered with Eggplant and baked. (Along with another host who made a grilled cheese sandwich) I think it was called something like Timbao?? Her daughters favorite dish. Can't find the receipe. Watched it on Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 4pm. Where can I find the recipe?
  7. Joanne Cohen's avatar

    Joanne Cohen

    I watched Mary Ann for years. I purchased her books and enjoy the art of cooking.Her techniques are valuable. She brings Italy to my Asian home. Thank you Mary Ann. Delish!
  8. Brandon Palmer's avatar

    Brandon Palmer

  9. Betsy Meyer's avatar

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