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Have you noticed the price of fish lately? Have you noticed the lack of wild fish? There is much concern about what is happening in the fish industry.

Living in New England and along the coast, as I do, one would think the availability of fresh caught fish would never be an issue, but it is. Haddock and cod, scallops, oysters and clams seem to be doing ok. Wild salmon and halibut, striped bass, some of my favorites, now seem to be in very short supply and when you can get them, the price is out of sight.

Definitely something is happening in ocean waters; we read about it everyday. Dead zones in the ocean due to lack of oxygen, over pollution and over fishing, man made disasters, are some of the damaging reasons that we are seeing a lack of wild fish.

I am not a fan of farm raised fish, nor do I like the idea of fish being sold here in fish markets and grocery stores from far away places like Thailand, India and Vietnam. But this is becoming the norm.

We cannot tinker with natural resources without it coming back to paralyze us in many ways. Not having access to a variety of wild fish should be a warning that something fishy is going on.

So, for now, find a fresh cod and try my recipe for Farro with Cod.


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