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The City Cook Reviews Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Food Adventures in Italy

See what The City Cook has to say about my new book Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Food Adventures in Italy. It's avaialbe in bookstores and online now!

"[Ciao Italia: My Lifelong Food Adventures in Italy] has 160 recipes. Some of the dishes are classics so you might recognize them, like Risotto alla Milanese, but others you probably won’t. Like Spaghettini in Purgatorio. So this is not just a collection of greatest hits...There are tempting food images but also personal photographs of scenic towns and markets that Mary Ann has visited for decades. She is not just a authentic Italian cook but also a natural teacher and so the book has a generous amount of guidance about ingredients (e.g., salt, olive oil, and artichokes) and methods (making fresh pasta or buying fish), plus stories that showcase her intimacy with the Italian culture and appetite."

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