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Tips For Finger LIckin’ Five Napkins Baby Back Ribs!

Love baby back ribs? Me too and I have a few tips on how to get the best flavor. 

1) Look for the best meaty bone in ribs; bone gives flavor. 

2) Season them well with a mixture of salt and coarse black pepper that is combined first in a bowl; if you like added heat, stir in some red pepper flakes

3) Put on a pair of rubber gloves and massage the salt mixture into the ribs on both sides. Do this the day BEFORE grilling.

4) Refrigerate overnight then bring to room temperature before placing on grill; the meat will cook more uniformly and in less time, about 45 minutes

5) Crank up the grill on high heat before placing ribs on it; this will prevent them from sticking. 

5) Use indirect heat  and cook the ribs as is until they loose their red color; then begin basting them every 10 minutes with your favorite barbecue sauce

6) Be sure to turn and baste on both sides

7) Baby back ribs should cook to an internal temperature of 145F


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