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When Life Hands You (Meyer) Lemons

I usually dread the grocery store this time of year because it's slim pickings for fruits and vegetables. Not much in season besides apples, pears and pineapples in the fruit department. The produce aisle has beets, beans and zucchini. Lots of root veggies though.

But the surprise of the day was seeing Meyer lemons! I perked right up. Meyer lemons grow mostly in California and Arizona and are a popular ingredient in many foods and drinks. Now the rest of the country is starting to see these beautiful bright yellow, thin skinned lemons show up in their grocery stores.

Myer lemons are a cross between an orange or a mandarin and a lemon and were first discovered in 1908 by Frank Meyer, who was a gardener working in Mexico for the USDA .

They are soft, juicy and sweet enough to eat without being too tart and puckering. I use them for anything I cook that needs lemon juice. Meyer lemons are great in a marinade and fabulous for making lemon curd. One of my favorite ways to use it is as a lemon and cream sauce for linguine.


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    I discovered Meyer Lemons a few years ago and I LOVE them! They are so fragrant and lovely...they nearly burst with juice when you cut into them. I have a small tree that I have to keep indoors for the winter, which is now loaded with dozens of fragrant flowers. (The trick is to keep them from dropping off the tree before the fruit can develop, as the house is dry in the winter. Last week, I put a plastic bag over the whole thing, to create a more moist environment. Not especially pretty, but it will be worth it, for any of the fantastic lemons I may chance to pick in a few months!)
  2. Dan G's avatar

    Dan G

    This is really good to know! I've been seeing meyer lemons in most grocery stores now, a bit more expensive, but their color is such a rich, attractive yellow. I wanted to try them but wasn't sure what the difference was and this has really helped!

    Do you have a favorite lemony vinegret recipe?
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    Sarah Stierch

    Best lemon ever! :)

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