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Win A Year's Worth of Pasta Sauce!

[UPDATE III: Our winner has been contacted by email. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered!]

[UPDATE II: The contest is now closed. We are choosing a winner!]

[UPDATE: If your comment does not appear on this page immediately, don't worry! We have received it, and you will be entered in the contest.]

DelGrosso and Ciao Italia are teaming up to give you this great gift: A year's supply of delicious DelGrosso pasta sauce delivered right to your home.

You and your family can enjoy the best of La Famiglia DelGrosso all year-round. It's the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates fine sauces for a range of occasions, and it's perfect for Mother's Day! Two gift packs, containing three jars each, will be sent in each season, ensuring delicious meals throughout the year. That's 24 jars of pasta sauce; a $192 value!

Here are the varieties the winner will receive:

Winter: Arrabiata and Vodka (three jars of each flavor)
Spring: Marinara and Tomato Basil (three jars of each flavor)
Summer: Sun Dried Tomato and Fireworks (three jars of each flavor)
Fall: Red Pepper and Puttanesca (three jars of each flavor)

Here's how to enter:

  1. Leave a comment under this blog post
  2. Go to Facebook and "Like" La Famiglia DelGrosso
  3. That's it!

We will randomly choose a winner on Friday, May 13, and notify the winner by email.

You can learn more about all of DelGrosso's products at their website.


  1. R May's avatar

    R May

    Would love to try some specialty pasta sauce!
  2. ellen hartman's avatar

    ellen hartman

    Love watching Mary Ann! I make a killer sauce but would really love to find a great sauce without all the work. I do not believe DelGrosso products are available around here. Believe me, I would be the first to try it.
  3. Carol Caruso Lott's avatar

    Carol Caruso Lott

    I like to have a special sauce for a quick meal. One needs something quick after a long day in the garden or when involved with other culinary activities for other events.
  4. luclle's avatar


    Love to try new sauces, Are they made with San Marzano tomatoes? Love your show Maryann, been watching you for 20 years. Your new web sire is the best.
  5. Joanie Esposito's avatar

    Joanie Esposito

    Always wonderful to have sauce around!!
  6. Kathie Stellingwerf's avatar

    Kathie Stellingwerf

    Love your recipes!!! Thanks
  7. Kim's avatar


    Thanks for doing such a fantastic giveaway!
  8. suzanne howard's avatar

    suzanne howard

    I have been watching you for years Maryann and my husband any I admire you as a very hard working lady and we always say I would eat that because you know if Maryann made it, it's good.
  9. Dawn Miceli's avatar

    Dawn Miceli

    I would love to try all of these sauce'
  10. Patricia Waldbillig's avatar

    Patricia Waldbillig

    I always enjoy watching MaryAnn. I have learned so much from her about Italian cooking.
  11. Anthony Cervoni's avatar

    Anthony Cervoni

    Love your show and the contest idea!
  12. Stephen's avatar


    I'm an Italian chef and would love to have this sauce on hand year round! Nice to see the Mary Anne's Sunday marinara in there. You very rarely see marinara marketed that way and real Italians know Sunday is all about the Sunday gravy!! Can't wait to try them all
  13. Paul Todaro's avatar

    Paul Todaro

    I'm a single bachelor of Italian descent and I forgot what its like to have sunday gravy. Love to cook, but life's schedule makes it difficult.
  14. April Hoffmeister's avatar

    April Hoffmeister

    I would love to have a variety of different pasta sauces to try, having grown up with an Italian Mom we always had spaghetti on Wednesday and Macaroni on Sunday. I miss those days!
  15. Luke's avatar


    Would love to try this sauce!! Duh, WINNING!
  16. Mike's avatar


    I would love to try these gourmet sauces
  17. Sharon Watrous's avatar

    Sharon Watrous

    I Love your recipes and tips
  18. Linda Sousa's avatar

    Linda Sousa

    Maryann...You're the best!
  19. Dina Losito's avatar

    Dina Losito

    in this time of financial difficulty my family is eating more pasta than ever before so having a variety of new sauces to serve with the pasta would be FABULOUS!
  20. Joy Warren's avatar

    Joy Warren

    love your cooking! used to live in Europe & Italy is my favorite country. Your food is so authenic!
  21. Kathy Roberto's avatar

    Kathy Roberto

    It would be so great to win.Im due for some good news!
  22. ellen gately's avatar

    ellen gately

    We love all kinds of pasta - this sauce would come in handy.
  23. Linda Rizzolo's avatar

    Linda Rizzolo

    Maryann....Love your show and your cookbooks. Your recipes and style of cooking reminds me of the way my family has cooked for generations. These sauces sound delicious and prepared sauce is always a welcome addition to my pantry. Ciao Bella....
  24. Grace Campanaro's avatar

    Grace Campanaro

    I would love to try some special sauces. Want to try different sauces that I havent tasted before.
  25. Joanne Hackett's avatar

    Joanne Hackett

    Maryann...if you stand behind these Delgrosso products it must be good! Love your show
  26. alicia marotta's avatar

    alicia marotta

    Buona Fortuna!
  27. Nancy Hutchinson's avatar

    Nancy Hutchinson

    Love watching your show every afternoon. We've used several of your recipes and nothing has disappointed. Bet the sauces would as well!
  28. April S's avatar

    April S

    All the sauces sound wonderful, spring is in the air and so is the smell of basil in my kitchen window :)
  29. Ella Spiri's avatar

    Ella Spiri

    I'd love to win the pasta sauce. Mary Ann's show is one of my favorites.
  30. Sue answine's avatar

    Sue answine

    I love DelGrosso sauces, and I love you, Mary Ann. I never miss your show, even when I've seen it before.
  31. Lisa Giafaglione's avatar

    Lisa Giafaglione

    If you recommend it, it has to be good!
  32. Marilou Saltis's avatar

    Marilou Saltis

    Thanks for all the great recipes!
  33. Shelly DuPont's avatar

    Shelly DuPont

    A year's supply of sauce? Wow!! Time saving good eating!!
  34. Paul Nicosia's avatar

    Paul Nicosia

    Nothing like some good sauce!! I love this opportunity to win a year's supply of it. I don't think we have DelGrosso sauce around here so I look forward to winning it and having some every week :)

  35. Tom Pyeron's avatar

    Tom Pyeron

    Can't wait to try DelGrosso's sauces! Love ya, Maryann!
  36. Gloria Liuzzo's avatar

    Gloria Liuzzo

    I have been making homemade pasta and got some great recipes from your website. I would love to try these sauces for my pasta, that would be the ultimate dinner. Homemade pasta with specialty sauces, Bella!!!!
  37. Patricia Nokoneczny's avatar

    Patricia Nokoneczny

    Hi Maryann: Been watching your shows for years. Your recipes are delicious and I love watching you as you take the viewers through the various regions of Italy. If you endorse this sauce, I look forward to trying all the varieties. Ciao Italia!
  38. Romilda Heatter's avatar

    Romilda Heatter

    Ciao Maryann, I have been watching Ciao Italia for a long time. I enjoy watching you cook all your favorite recipes. I met you a couple of times in New Jersey. You are a great Chef. I enjoy your show your personality shine through your cooking.

    Anche Io sono Italiana e mi piace molto le diverse ricette nel vostro prgramma Ciao Italia
  39. Carolyn Nelson's avatar

    Carolyn Nelson

    I make my own pasta sauces and they are loved by all. Would love to win the DelGrosso pasta sauces. Love your show and your recipes. Thanks for sharing.
  40. angela pagliaroli's avatar

    angela pagliaroli

    Mary Ann is the best, she beats the pants off of any chef seen on the food network!
  41. Junelle Lawry's avatar

    Junelle Lawry

    Mi piace vincere!
    Grazie mille, Mary Ann.
  42. Wendy Hay's avatar

    Wendy Hay

    Would love to try your pasta sauces--Do they include Guy's tomato's?
  43. Ashley's avatar


    I love DelGrosso. Growing up in Pennsylvania I always enjoyed Del Grosso, now that I have moved away it is very difficult to find in stores. And the amusement park!
  44. Colleen's avatar


    My mouth is watering. What a tasty contest.
  45. Erin Fisher's avatar

    Erin Fisher

    My family loves pasta, Love to try new sauces!!! Love your recipies and your show!!!
  46. June's avatar


    I usually make my own marinara, but would LOVE to try another; especially if MaryAnn recommends it. I'm sure she would only praise the BEST, because she is the BEST, and cooks the BEST.
  47. Ro's avatar


    always love to try new sauces . . . . .
  48. julianna kobylarz's avatar

    julianna kobylarz

    pasta is our favorite meal. would greatly appreciate the help with our budget.
  49. Helen Piccirilli's avatar

    Helen Piccirilli

    I've tried the Sunday Sauce and recommended it to many of my friends. They make a wonderful product. I would love to receive a gift of sauces.
  50. Christie Merkle's avatar

    Christie Merkle

    Always looking for a sauce that tastes homemade!
  51. betty's avatar


    love anything you cook know the sauce will be great to
  52. Susan Courtright's avatar

    Susan Courtright

    What a wonderful Mothers Day gift! To have all the varieties at one's fingertips!! yummmmm
  53. Susan Stanke's avatar

    Susan Stanke

    The sauce looks wonderful. Can't wait to try it!
  54. Diane E.'s avatar

    Diane E.

    I've never tried any of their sauces, so this would be a real treat if I won!
  55. E.F. Lazare's avatar

    E.F. Lazare

    What a great opportunity to try something new!
  56. Deborah's avatar


    LOVE all your recipes!
  57. Regina Ringeisen's avatar

    Regina Ringeisen

    love the DelGrosso premium sauces - especially the hot & spicy
  58. Shelley's avatar


    Thank you for this great opportunity!
  59. Vivian's avatar


    Would love to try the sauces...might share some with the food pantry, too!
  60. B.P.Wirth's avatar


    I have a passion for all types of pasta sauce! Mostly, I make my own, which is fantastic. I'd love to be the recipient of a series of gourmet sauces. Who knows......maybe I'd have to change from home made to DelGrosso!
  61. Mike White's avatar

    Mike White

    If Mary Ann recommends this brand-that's good enough for me
  62. Tony P.'s avatar

    Tony P.

    Who wouldn't love the opportuity to try pasta with different sauces?
  63. Pina Giglio's avatar

    Pina Giglio

    Hi Mary Ann, would love to have these sauces. Thanks for your recipes and tips.
  64. Michele Finn's avatar

    Michele Finn

    I would love to use your sauces with my homemade meatballs!
  65. Stephanie Higgins's avatar

    Stephanie Higgins

    What a great prize!
  66. Karen Coe's avatar

    Karen Coe

    When my husband and I have a very busy day supper comes delicious and easy and quick. Always good pasta and these sauces.
  67. tom cody's avatar

    tom cody

    i love mary's shows . she's the best
  68. Bev Thurner's avatar

    Bev Thurner

    I love to watch Mary Ann make dough, and I dearly wish that I could afford a Kitchen aid mixer, in order to simplify the process. I love the recipes and hints.
  69. Marjorie L Carlson's avatar

    Marjorie L Carlson

    Have loved your program for years and have found several products through you. These sauces may be another!
  70. louise dufault's avatar

    louise dufault

    I bet these are the best sauces ever! It sounds like a wonderful variety for each season of the year.

    I'm a devoted fan and follower of Mary Ann. You're the best!
  71. joanne Walen's avatar

    joanne Walen

    Can't have too many sauces!
  72. Schuyler Corson's avatar

    Schuyler Corson

    Everything sounds wonderful!
  73. theresa l cafarella's avatar

    theresa l cafarella

    I love sauce! I like to make my own using imported Italian San marzano tomatoes. I Like drink sauce from the jar! I loove it! No greater comfort food than a delicious sauce! :) for me anyways! Ciao!
  74. Jennifer Dronkers's avatar

    Jennifer Dronkers

    I wanna hook up my mom with some yummy sauce.
  75. Lou Anthony's avatar

    Lou Anthony

    I have been following your page for quite some time. I love and make most recipes even though I am making them for one. When I have guests or am cooking for my girlfriend, I try only your recipes and they all enjoy. I enjoy making my own sauce but would love the convenience of having a good quality jar sauce.
  76. joanne e egnaczyk's avatar

    joanne e egnaczyk

    I love watching your show and trying out the recipes. Everything always turns out wonderful!!
    Thank you!!
  77. Mary Ann W.'s avatar

    Mary Ann W.

    Would love to try these sauces(or gravies as some of my frinds like to say) and I like the idea of the seasonal flavors. Will definitely check out their website. Wish me luck!
  78. Mary Ann Nagy's avatar

    Mary Ann Nagy

    Mama thatsa' sauce!
  79. maria's avatar


    Have had these sauces before and would ABSOLUTELY love to have an entire year supply to share with family and friends.
  80. glo's avatar


    Mary ANn, I so enjoy the relaxed style of your show. This contest is a lovely idea. Kind thanks!
  81. Greta Dezelan's avatar

    Greta Dezelan

    This sauce is remarkable!
  82. Florence Rivet's avatar

    Florence Rivet

    I love to cook with sauces!!
  83. Kathy Bakes's avatar

    Kathy Bakes

    I love watching your show. You make dishes I grew up with. And I would love to try any sauce you recommend.
  84. Tony Dybicz's avatar

    Tony Dybicz

    Always ready to try something new!
  85. Kathy's avatar


    Thanks for all the recipes. Being Irish married to an Italian, whose Mom is The Best, I am costantly compared...hahahaha. Your recipes make it an easy contest.
  86. regina mcquillan's avatar

    regina mcquillan

    Have loved your show for many, many years and have made quite a few recipes
  87. Teresa's avatar
  88. R. Drew Sondles's avatar

    R. Drew Sondles

    Hello Mary Ann,
    I've been making homemade pasta using your recipe and a hand crank pasta machine I picked up at a tag sale. Before I got my Grandmothers rolling pin, I used a wine bottle to roll out the pasta. Can't believe how wonderful fresh made pasta tastes and I make my own sauce on Sundays just like family tradition requires. Blessings to you and your Famiglia.
  89. Annette's avatar


    Love watching your show & trying your recipes...thanks for wonderful meals!
  90. Nancina's avatar


    The sauces sound deliziosi!! I'm a busy mamma of a 3 year old and a 6 month old and don't have time to make my own sauce! You're the best Mary Ann!
  91. Janell Holmberg's avatar

    Janell Holmberg

    I love to make my own sauces but I have been on a very tight budget and would love to try these sauces. I use sauces as a stable in many of my meals. I hope I win this opportunity:)
  92. Toni Calabrese Boelen's avatar

    Toni Calabrese Boelen

    Mary Ann: Love your show, books and newsletters. Always wonderful recipes.
    thanks for giving me the opportunity to win some GREAT pasta sauce!
  93. Joan Patch's avatar

    Joan Patch

    I need these sauces.
  94. Louis Esposito's avatar

    Louis Esposito

    Although we are not relatives we share the same name, I love Mary Ann's recipes and would love to try these sauces.
  95. Darcy's avatar


    Can't wait to try them all!
  96. Maria M's avatar

    Maria M

    Now that I am an Italian empty-nester making sauce for one is a bummer. I have tried ready made and still looking. Still searching and hoping this time I will hit the jack pot. Love your dishes, your style and you smile....What a great treat this contest is!
  97. Anita Walton's avatar

    Anita Walton

    I LOVE DelGrosso sauces! A years worth would be mind boggling!
  98. Sarah Smeragliuolo's avatar

    Sarah Smeragliuolo

    I've been making my own sauces for over 30 years I could use a break! Would love to have some of these to try, and perhaps I'll convert!
  99. DES STATLER's avatar


  100. Tim Riley's avatar

    Tim Riley

    I cannot wait to win. I love her show.

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