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IN and OUT: What Food is In Vogue?

It's hard to keep track of what foods are in and what foods are out these days.  Everyday some new study tells us what foods are healthy and which ones will surely do us in before our time.

Here's what the food fashionistas are telling us these days . . .

  • OUT:  Eggs.  I remember my dad eating a boiled egg every morning and still living to a good age of 80. Now we have to regard eggs with suspicion . . . too much cholesterol in that yolk.  And only eat them two or three times a week, tops.
  • OUT:  Red Wine.  Red wine was in but now it’s out for women because it could cause cancer.
  • OUT:  Red Meat.  Too much red meat is out, ditto on the same reason as red wine.
  • IN:  Blue, Yellow, Orange.  Blueberries are in along with anything yellow or orange like sweet potatoes and orange juice.
  • OUT:  Pasta.  Don’t even think of having a dish of pasta unless it is whole grain pasta, and then only have a thimbleful.
  • IN:  Brown.  White is not right when it comes to anything in baked goods; eat rye, pumpernickel, or whole grain breads.
  • OUT:  Sugar.  Sugared cereal in any form is out for obvious reasons. Ice cream is out too (there goes summer fun).
  • IN:  Green for Fried.  Substitute french fries with fresh string beans.
  • IN:  Nuts.  Nuts are really in, especially walnuts, pistachio and almonds, so good for the heart.
  • IN:  Dark Chocolate.  Chocolate is in but only dark chocolate.
  • OUT:  Coleslaw with Mayo.  Coleslaw is definitely out unless it is tossed in a vinaigrette and not mayonnaise.
  • IN:  Wild.  Wild fish is in, especially salmon and halibut.
  • OUT:  Farm Raised.  Farm raised fish should never appear on your plate, unless you like ingesting pesticides.
  • IN:  Green Tea.  Going green? Go for green tea with all its antioxidants. Black tea is good too but not tea with milk or cream.

I don't know about you, but moderation has always been my watchword when it comes to food.  Everything in moderation and you should be just fine.

What are your ins and outs when it comes to food fashion?


  1. Barbara's avatar


    Since we've been living in Italy our ins and outs are governed more by the seasons than anything else! The strawberries, fava beans and other early spring crops have just about finished. I can't wait for the tomatoes to come in, and the peppers...huge, gorgeous peppers here, with no extra charge for red or yellow!

    Eating seasonally here is a way of life, and not only does everything taste better, but it seems like such a welcome surprise when the 'new' fruits and vegetables arrive!
  2. Desi's avatar


    I'm an Italian young woman. I totally agree with this entry and with Barbara's comment, it's very important to follow the seasons for foods.
    I just added this blog to my blogroll, I hope it's ok :)

    Greetings from Bologna, ciao,


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