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A Note from Paul Lally, Executive Producer of Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito

Lallysmall It’s been a long and happy road I’ve traveled with Mary Ann, first as her producer and now as her executive producer, to help her bring you authentic regional Italian recipes that you can prepare at home.

During the past twenty-one years, Mary Ann has prepared well over one thousand fabulous recipes for you in her television kitchen and on the road, both in Italy and the United States.  Each and every one them is available on our website.

But what really makes me happy is that with our new video streaming feature, you can watch Mary Ann prepare your favorite recipe when you want her to, not when she happens to be on television.  You can see a sample of it here.

Think about it; no more digging through your public television program guide trying to find out what time Ciao Italia’s on. No more adjusting your busy schedule to a broadcast schedule. That makes Mary Ann and me very happy. After all, when you go to the trouble to cook a great meal, it’s no fun if the company can’t make it, right?

Now you can.

Each and every one of Mary Ann’s video recipes from her programs going all the way back to 1990, are available right now; twenty-onen seasons’ worth of mouthwatering, authentic regional Italian recipes. That’s a lot of recipes.

Night and day, seven days a week. Mary Ann’s Ciao Italia “kitchen” is always open.

Come on in!

Paul Lally
Executive Producer


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