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If you're wondering what I've been up to and where I've been this month, look no further.

Behold! The Ciao Italia kitchen!Ciao_Italia_Kitchen_4

This is no ordinary kitchen. I know it's disappointing to many viewers who want to know if this is my home kitchen. I often watch the smiles turn to frowns when I admit that, no, this is a specially designed TV studio kitchen.

My studio kitchen only exists for 10 days each June. That's barely enough time to stock the refrigerator, but in 10 days time I have cooked my way through more than 60 regional Italian recipes. We have completed filming a new season of Ciao Italia for your viewing pleasure.

On the final day of taping, the set vanishes faster than the setting sun.

Everything you see in the kitchen is real and high quality from the salmon colored marble counter tops to the cherry cabinets and Dacor appliances.

The front counter is where I talk to you and cook most of the recipes, except when I am in the mood to show you some baking. Then I move to the back counter where I make everything from cookies to pizza.

Ciao_Italia_Kitchen_3 During the 10 days of shooting, there is a flurry of activity in my kitchen. Visitors come to see a taping, guests appear to cook their favorite Italian foods with me, and members of the media come to write stories for their newspapers and blogs.

There are untold numbers of volunteers who come to help dice, knead, steam, roast, and do hundreds of other things that help the show run smoothly.

When the last camera shuts down, and I say, "Until I see you nella cucina again, I'm Mary Ann Esposito," I know that my studio kitchen will be lovingly packed away until June comes around again.

Enjoy the shows!


  1. Tom Saaristo's avatar

    Tom Saaristo

    Thank you for this! I actually found this blog when I decided to Google "Nella Cucina". I'll admit I was a tad disappointed that it wasn't a nickname for viewers, HAHA!, but I did learn something! I always appreciate 'behind the scenes' information and as Ciao Italia has long been one of my favorite cooking shows, I am particularly enamored of the information here
  2. Theresa Parker's avatar

    Theresa Parker

    Thank you for your show and this blog! I appreciate that your recipes are more than pasta as most people think of when thinking of Italian food. I am trying to eat low-carb and that doesn't include pasta, nor breads except occasionally. I appreciate the variety of foods that you present!

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