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Signs of A Good Restaurant

Fresh_bread People often ask for restaurant suggestions, and like art, the suggestions can be most subjective depending on a person’s food preferences. It just stands to reason that if you dislike some type of ethnic food, you are not going to recommend a restaurant that specializes in it, no matter how good it is.

For me, I try to stay away from restaurants that are huge, with seating for hundreds. I much prefer small, intimate places.

I also avoid restaurants with menus as thick as bibles. How do they get all those FRESH choices out there so fast?? Microwave, frozen? Give me a menu with some choice, but not so overwhelming that I have to question the preparation.

The menu should have a good selection to appeal to a wide variety of tastes from meat eaters to vegans. The choices should reflect what is in season.

The most tell tale sign of a good restaurant is the quality of the bread, one of the first things brought to your table. Pale, cotton texture rolls should be avoided at all cost (unless you like the taste of cotton). But a fresh basket of assorted warm rolls and breads baked on the premise holds great promise for what is coming next. If a restaurant cares about the quality of the bread it serves, it cares about what else is put in front of you.

And not to be overlooked, your wait staff. I like when I am greeted with, "Hi, my name is Tom, and I will be taking care of you this evening." That is much more professional than, "How you guys doin'?"

After all, dining out is for most of us is a treat and a pleasure… and an expense, so be picky and choose wisely.


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