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Filming the 21st Season of Ciao Italia

This is a guest post by Ciao Italia Executive Producer Paul Lally.

The lights have been turned off in Studio A. The kitchen set’s put away, the crew’s gone home and the studio production portion of our 21st season is complete. Hard to believe that three weeks ago the studio looked like this:

Pix 1

Two days later it looked like this.

Pix 2

That’s because we’ve got a great team of engineers and technicians who know how to build Mary Ann’s kitchen every June in Studio A of Rhode Island PBS, our summer home. And once the kitchen is set and lit, then it’s time to roll in the cameras and fire them up to make beautiful pictures.

Pix 3

While that’s happening, Mary Ann and the kitchen prep team are busy getting their recipes lined up correctly for the filming process which involves about twenty-five folks. A very big family, indeed, and we all gather round the kitchen to see what Mary Ann’s cooking and then decide how were going to record it.
Pix 4

Many of the recipes call for “swap-outs” which means a pre-prepared dish using the same ingredients, but cooked further along, like a sauce for instance. Without Ruth, Donna and Becky, our culinary team, we would be lost.

Pix 5

And without our entire production team we would be lost for good. Everybody take a bow!

Pix 6

Thanks to them, and thanks to you for enjoying Ciao Italia!

Paul Lally
Executive Producer


  1. Laurie Lufkin's avatar

    Laurie Lufkin

    That is wonderful Mary Ann! Congratulations!!!
  2. Pat's avatar


    I have been enjoying "Ciao Italia" for many years. Congratulations on another wonderful season. Mary Ann is the best!
  3. Chicken Salad Recipe's avatar

    Chicken Salad Recipe

    How neat! I've never seen "Ciao Italia", but now I'm intrigued to watch.

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