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Mary Ann Esposito is the new Backyard Farms Chef Spokesperson

"We’re incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Chef Mary Ann Esposito. If you’re a New Englander, it’s likely you’ve heard of this talented, award-winning chef. Mary Ann Esposito is the creator and host of Ciao Italia, America’s longest running television cooking show, and is the author of 12 cookbooks focused on traditional Italian recipes, food, and culture. This makes her the perfect chef partner to help us create original recipes centered around an Italian favorite, the tomato!

We, at Backyard Farms, plan to collaborate with Chef Mary Ann Esposito on all things tomato: recipes, tips and demos. Together we’ll put together a series of mini online cooking demos where our chef partner will cook using Backyard Farms tomatoes and offer her culinary expertise on cooking and preparing different tomato varietals. These new tomato recipes and demo videos will be hosted here on our website on a dedicated page for its Chef Partner, as well as on the Backyard Farms YouTube channel.

We are so excited for our fans to experience Backyard Farms tomatoes in ways they never have before—and to have Chef Mary Ann Esposito help us do it. Come back soon to check out new content featuring our chef partner!"



  1. Anna ElGammal's avatar

    Anna ElGammal

    You mentioned your arugula and I wondered where I can find seeds of that variety. I thought I could order it on your site but could not find it? Many thanks.

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