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Pecorino Cheese and Fava Beans

Pecorino e Fave


All cheese is best eaten at room temperature and one of the ways Tuscans enjoy Pecorino cheese is as an antipasto with fresh shelled fava beans and a glass of wine. When the beans are young and tender, they need no cooking and can be eaten raw. If they are large, boil them until the outer skin easily slips off.


1 pound aged Pecorino cheese, at room temperature

3 pounds shelled fava beans

Fine sea salt


Put the cheese on a cheese board and the fava beans in a bowl. Have a small bowl of salt. Cut off bite size pieces of cheese with a cheese knife and eat it with the fava beans, dipping them first in salt if you wish.


  1. Charlie Christian's avatar

    Charlie Christian

    I have been for quit a time trying to find the "cheese knife" you use. Please let me know where to purchase a knife like yours. Thank you so much. I follow you and your recipes.

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