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White Asparagus, Bassano Style

Asparagi di Bassano del Grappa
Serves 4


2 pounds white asparagus, ends trimmed

8 eggs, boiled for soft boiled stage (3 minutes)

1 cup Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons white vinegar

Salt to taste


Crack the eggs and scoop out the white and yolks which should be runny.  Transfer the eggs to a mini food processor.  Add enough of the olive oil through the feed tube to make a smooth sauce.  Add the vinegar and salt and pepper to taste.  Set aside.

Cook the asparagus upright tied together with kitchen string in a deep pot filled with boiling salted water to just 1 inch below the tips.  Or cook them without bundling them in a large sauté pan until tender.  Drain carefully and place them on a platter.

Pour the sauce over the asparagus and serve.

This recipe is featured on episode 2102 - White Asparagus.


  1. Lisa Beimel's avatar

    Lisa Beimel

    While watching this episode and as a former Pasrty Chef/Chef the light bulb went off when I witnessed your method for the sauce, using soft boiled eggs, how ingenious you basically made holendaise without having to temper the eggs. I can see using this method for a sweet sauce ie.. creme anglaise or adding lemon and creating lemon curd. Wow I wish I would have known this one when I was in the biz.


  2. mary ann esposito's avatar

    mary ann esposito

    You are welcome.

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