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Affogato means drowned or poached and is often seen as a dessert choice on an Italian menu. It usually means gelato, often vanilla, chocolate or hazelnut served with very strong espresso poured over the top of it and garnished with whipped cream.

Serves 2


2 Scoops of your favorite ice cream in each of 2 short glasses or parfait glasses

2/3 cup strongly brewed espresso

1/2 cup whipped cream


Pour 1/3 cup of the espresso over each parfait and top with whipped cream. Buzz on.

This recipe is featured on show 2208 – Cooking Abruzzi Style.


  1. Mary Ann Luciano's avatar

    Mary Ann Luciano

    Sounds wonderful and easy, my husband loves ice cream desserts. My family is from Abuzzo.
  2. George Virgilio's avatar

    George Virgilio

    PERFECT TIMING! I got an ice-cream maker and have been trying my hand at making gelato. Today I made strawberry gelato with a pound from my local market. Gonna have to try vanilla next to go with the espresso.
    THANKS Mary Ann

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