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Amaro and Cream

Folks who really love their creamy drinks stick to old favorites like mudslides and holiday nogs because they’re familiar...but if you sub in Italian Amaro as a base for dairy-centric drinks—all bittersweet and herbal with notes of molasses, clove, and orange peel—you’ll turn an otherwise vegetal, spice-like liquor into something surprisingly kid-like. Now, since Italians are brave, they drink their Amaro neat, on the rocks, or in club soda as an aperitivo (a light pre-dinner beverage) and sometimes as a digestivo to settle the stomach. But mixing it with cream turns Amaro into a piquant desert-in-a-glass...a complex departure for adventuresome sippers who are bored with Bailey’s.

Makes 2 drinks


4 ounces Amaro (Montenegro is one of the big-four common brands)

4 ounces light or half-and-half cream

Nutmeg, freshly grated



In a cocktail shaker or small bar pitcher with long stirring spoon combine the Amaro, cream, and ice. Shake until the shaker develops condensation on the outside, 15-20 seconds, or stir in glass pitcher, about 30 seconds. Pour into an ice-filled glass (preferably a lowball glass). Garnish with fresh nutmeg.

This recipe is featured on show 2426 - The Best Cocktails and Snacks.


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