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Renee's Gravy and Meatballs

Renee calls it "gravy," I call it "sauce." We both call it delicioso! You will too.




Olive Oil – A couple of tablespoons.

2 Cloves of garlic, chopped

Big can San Marzano Tomatoes

Salt – Tablespoon,  Oregano (dry) – Couple of teaspoons, White Wine- ½ cup, Crushed Red Pepper – to taste


Veal, Pork, Beef- a pound of each

6 eggs (2 eggs per pound)

2 Cloves of garlic- Finely chopped

Parsley – Nice handful – chopped

Fresh Italian bread crumbs – 1 cup ++

Salt & Pepper to taste

Cheese- Reggiano/Parmesan, freshly grated- 1 to 11/2 cups






Immersion blender tomatoes

Golden garlic in olive oil.

Simmer 30 minutes


When frying meatballs-  Canola or Vegetable Oil

Paper towels absorb the grease  don’t fry all the way through.

Let it finish in the gravy.

Set aside.



  1. Connie (Concetta) Giarratano  Alongi's avatar

    Connie (Concetta) Giarratano Alongi

    I just watched Renee making Sunday Dinner. All authentic, yes, but that maddening word - gravy - ugh!!!! My parents arrived from Canicatti, Sicily, in 1907. I am the 10th of 11 children, born in 1933. We lived in various parts of NYC, last in the Bronx, and finally, New Jersey. This "gravy" term was most despised by all of us "TRUE" New York Italians!!! Also, we never had anything remotely resembling a jalapeno, now any red pepper in the SAUCE/SALSA/SUGO! My grandmother actually was sent to a cooking school in Palermo by the 'baron's wife, so my Sicilian culinary roots are impeccable!
  2. Antoinette's avatar


    I agree with Connie. My parents came here from Italy and settled in South Philly and we were surrounded by other newly arrived Italian relatives. None of them called it 'gravy", ever. I remember the first time I heard someone call it "gravy" (as an adult). . . I thought they must be confused. Anyway, Maryann diplomatically tried to correct her. But I guess it's what Renee grew up hearing. Her meatball recipe is authentic and I loved her reaction to tasting one . . . I'm the same. I can tell Renee is a fabulous cook and a treasure for her family.
  3. Joseph H. Brown's avatar

    Joseph H. Brown

    "Red gravy" for "tomato sauce" is usually a southern thing. I'm from New Jersey, and I didn't encounter it until we moved to southeast Louisiana.
  4. Marian Vicze's avatar

    Marian Vicze

    It is called gravy inthe Massachusetts, and other surrounding areas. As long as the 'gravy' is delicious, call it either gravy or sauce. I make it with pork spare ribs instead of lamb. Loved the video, fun!

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