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Renee's Tomato Salad

In a hurry? My friend Renee Plummer simple recipe will solve your problem and wow your taste buds!


10-12 Fresh "Backyard Farms" Beefsteak Tomatoes -  Quartered

Red sliced onion – 1 large

Oregano – A few shakes

1 Jalapeno or Hot Italian Pepper – chopped

Fresh Basil -  A good handful

Coarse Salt and Olive Oil

Set @ room temperature for and hour before serving

(Crusty Italian bread for dipping)




Combine ingredients.

Let marinate an hour or so.



  1. Melissa's avatar


    Yum yum yum! So fresh simple & delicious. I have done similar salads but haven't thought to add jalapenos, fabulous twist!
  2. Rich's avatar


    Loved Renee's cooking style, down home and brings pleasant memories to the surface. I swear I could almost smell those meatballs frying. And, thank you Mary Ann for including Renee's Tomato Salad recipe. That will surely be a go to summertime treat. I will be watching for the BLT truck as I am certain some enterprising soul will grab on to that excellent idea. Who doesn't like a perfect BLT, right? Love your show Mary Ann and wish you continued success.

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