Mary Ann Esposito at Three Saints Day – Lawrence, MA

September 2, 2023 - 4:30pm

Join Mary Ann Esposito at the 100th Feast of the Three Saints on Saturday September 2nd at Common St. & Union St. in Lawrence, MA from 4:30PM-6PM. For more information visit 


angelina caiati

You gave a talk at Northern Essex CC in Mass years ago which I attended. I purchased 4 books, one for each of my sons, my mother and me.
My mom lived in NY and she loved it so much she called me to, “call your friend Mary Ann and ask her to send a signed cookbook to Sue”.
Being Italian you know when mom asks for something there’s no deterrent. So I purchased another book and not knowing what else to do, I signed it, copied from my book. Mom was thrilled, Aunt Sue was thrilled. They are both gone now and my husband thought it was time to tell you; I hope you’re not upset.

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