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What To Do With All Those Tomatoes

Ok, so you went overboard with tomato plants this year and now you have an abundant crop, too abundant. Your neighbors thank you for your thoughtfulness and your family has had its fill already of BLT’s and homemade tomato sauce. Here are 10 other ways to enjoy toma…

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Strawberry Scare

Lets see. The last time I had a really good tasting strawberry was when my mom was making strawberry pies and jams and I was just a teenager. Now years later I ask myself where has the taste of those memorable strawberries gone? Honestly, something is really missing. All …

2017 Tour of Sicily: SOLD OUT

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The Versatile Mushroom

I have hunted for wild mushrooms in the rolling hills of Napa, California with a mycologist (professional mushroom forager) and in my own backyard with a well-known chef. Looking for the elusive fungi is almost a meditative experience that should ALWAYS be done with exper…

Smackin Mac ‘N Cheese

So it’s September and I remember that the weather used to be on the coolish side right about now with the tree changing color and all but by the weather gods forecasts, we’ve got some serious heat coming in. That is not going to stop me from making my favorite…


Pasta is never going to go away as a beloved food and that is a good thing because pasta IS good for you when treated properly. What Americans fail to understand is the serving size. I know many Italians who enjoy pasta every day, sometimes twice a day! And they are as tr…

Flower Power

Besides the taste of a really good summer tomato plucked from the garden, a lot of people go gaga over fried zucchini flowers. Offered on restaurant menus, they draw people like a magnet. Maybe it’s their sunny color or the thought of munching their crunchy goodness…

Simple and Sassy Summer Chicken Salad

Love chicken salad but don’t want to fuss with roasting a bird? Buy a ready cooked rotisserie chicken; remove the bones and cut the meat into chunks. Place in a large bowl and add 1 cup each diced celery and  zucchini. Toss in 1cup cherry tomatoes, cut in half…

Lettuce Entertain You

Don’t let mother nature get you down with the stubborn cold weather she insists on leaving with us now that spring is officially here. You can get a jump start now on your veggie garden and sow lettuce seeds indoors in grow pots under grow lights. Like magic, they w…

The Apple of My Pies

It won’t be long now until the first frost, and even though my garden is still going strong (minus the tomatoes) I am thinking pies! Up the hill near my vegetable garden stands an ornery, old apple tree, the only one I own. For years before I bought the property, i…

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